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ICARUS flies too close to the sun.

MEDUSA faces Perseus.

PERSEPHONE descends to the underworld. 

MINOTAUR waits in the maze.

Modern illustrations for ancient myths. Self-initiated project. Prints available. 

Animal Antipodes - Cover
Animal Antipodes - Fiji/Timbuktu
Animal Antipodes - Koh Nhek/Machu Picchu
Animal Antipodes - Xian/Santiago
Animal Antipodes - Day/Night

 Animal Antipodes

A non-fiction picture book about what's on the other side of the world, published by Creston Books.  Available at all good bookshops and online. Please see my Goodreads page for a helpful list! Reviewed by Kirkus here. Detail shots, making-of and more is available on my instagram or twitter. 


Tales of Ancient Britain. 

'Boudica' The Iceni warrior Queen burns London to the ground in her revenge against the Romans.

'Gogmagog'. An ancient tale, the hero fights the giant Gogmagog and helps found Britain, with London as its capital.

Both inspired by bronze age artifacts found in the Thames.

The Detective

'The Detective'

Book cover illustration inspired by the detective story, 'The Cuckoos Calling' by Robert Galbraith. (self-initiated project)

Goodnight, Seahorse - Cover
Goodnight, Seahorse - Ocean
Goodnight, Seahorse - Reef
Goodnight, Seahorse  - Coral


'Goodnight, Seahorse'

A board book about a sleepy seahorse. A child's first introduction to sealife. Published by Muddy Boots, Rowman & Littlefield. Available at all good bookshops, and online. (Please click for larger illustrations) Reviews and places to buy available on my Goodreads page.



Book Skyscraper

Book Skyscraper

Cover for Storyworks magazine, published by Scholastic. 

Hong Kong Dim Sum
Yorkshire Fish & Chips
New York Deli

Tasty places to eat around the world. Dim Sum in Hong Kong, Fish & Chips in Yorkshire and Pastrami on Rye in New York.