ICARUS flies too close to the sun.

MEDUSA faces Perseus.

Modern illustrations for ancient myths. Self-initiated project.


Tales of Ancient Britain. 

'Boudica' The Iceni warrior Queen burns London to the ground in her revenge against the Romans.

'Gogmagog'. An ancient tale, the hero fights the giant Gogmagog and helps found Britain, with London as its capital.

Both inspired by bronze age artifacts found in the Thames.

The Detective

'The Detective'

Book cover illustration inspired by the detective story, 'The Cuckoos Calling' by Robert Galbraith. (self-initiated project)

Witch, Witch

Witch, Witch.

The tale of two witches. 

War Horse Charge
War Horse Gun Cart
War Horse Penny
War Horse Binding design

War Horse

Interior Illustrations and a cover design for War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. Self-directed project.

Grimms Fairy tales

Grimm's Fairy tales

Book cover design based on the story 'Mother Holle'.

The Abbot's treasure
The Upper Berth
The Empty House

Three Ghost Stories

Interior illustrations for a ghost story collection.