Bookworms United 1: Mathilde
Bookworms United 2: Superdad
Bookworms United 3: Magus
Bookworms United 4: Timeout
Bookworms United 5: Companions
Bookworms United 6: Catnap
Bookworms United 7: Highrise
Bookworms United 8: Sleepover
Bookworms United 9: Commute
Bookworms United 10: Lightspeed
Bookworms United 11: Horticulturist

Bookworms United. A completed series of illustrations about those who love reading. 


Pop portraits, Bowie and Prince.

Scottish food - click for big version

'Scottish food' for VICE/Munchies magazine. Read the article here.


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. 

Compound City - please click for a larger version

 'Compound city' poster designs for Serco/Association of Illustrators 'London Spaces' exhibition. (Silver Prize).

Tai Po Temple - click for larger size
Amsterdam Boats - click for larger size
Anderton Boat Lift - click for larger size
Eden Project - click for larger size
Hong Kong Harbour - click for larger size
Travel Sketchbook collection - click for larger size

Selected illustrations from 'Travel Sketchbook'. Please click for a larger version. All 25 can be seen on my blog HERE.