Card back design for 'The Chromatic Fates' tarot card deck. AD: Stephanie Cost. www.colortarotproject.com

Tarot card illustration for 'The Chromatic Fates' tarot deck. www.colortarotproject.com

Card back design development

Exploration of special finishes

Box design exploration. Elements of this design work was also used on the enamel pin design.

Card development

Later design development

Later design work

Exploring tie ins with card borders

Element and symbol refinement

Initial concepts

Box and card back design exploration

Initial rough concepts for card backs

Box art sketches and exploration

Judgement sketch

CHROMATIC FATES Tarot Design work

As part of the Chromatic Fates tarot project, I developed different concepts and design motifs for the card back and box, working alongside art director and project lead Stephanie Cost. I also later contributed a piece of front card art for the deck. The final artwork is shown at the top, and a look at the development is below. Elements of this design work will also be used on enamel pins and box art.